Illumination Design

about LaLaCREER’s illumination design

LaLaCREER’s illumination design works is for commercial facility, public space and more. We have a special designer (illumination designer), design and supervision from design to total support.

illumination designer ASHIKI Hirotaka

Our company has a special designer, called ‘illuminasion designer’. His name is ASHIKI Hirotaka,it is one of the illumination designer on behalf of Japan.

1982.2.12 Born in JAPAN / Nagoya
2002 Illumination industry entry / Establishment.
2007 The Japan Design Space Association Award 2007, “Shinsaibashi “La ruce” @ OSAKA/Daimaru
2007 LaLaCREER Inc. Estanblishment.
2012 10th Aniversarry for illumination design work.


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